We only have one security.

We renew the security sector by providing our customers with total security. Companies and organisations need both physical and cyber security solutions to protect their operations and assets. These aspects of security have converged in terms of technology as well. Viria stands out from its competitors on the market by integrating them into a single whole to facilitate and make more effective the customer’s security management.

We protect your information and turn it into results.

Information is the most important asset of many companies. In addition of protecting information, our solution turns it into results for the customer. We provide advanced services for the refinement and analysis of information and management by information along with digital services that boost the customers’ business. We are the only company in Finland that combines analytics with security solutions so that they not only secure but also enhance the customer’s business.

We build integrated, customer-driven solutions from our security and information management solutions. We have engaged in cooperation with the social welfare and healthcare, commerce and financial sectors. We gain in-depth understanding of our customer’s business and work together to find ways to enhance it with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

We are seeking strong growth.

Viria has a strong position in the growing industry sectors. Our goal is to increase our turnover over the next few years both organically and by means of acquisitions in support of our strategy. We have set our profitability target at the minimum of 5% operating profit (excluding amortisation of goodwill).

We expand our markets in a customer-driven way.

All of Viria’s businesses operate at least on a national level. Our solid balance sheet also enables strong growth outside Finland as well acquisitions in line with our strategy.

We are striving for the market leader’s position in security services, first in Finland, then in the Nordic countries and Baltic states. We have expanded our operations abroad together with our customers, delivering services to several different countries.

We grow the shareholder value by creating the preconditions for listing.

A principal aim of the strategy is to increase the value and tradability of our share. Our ambition in the next 2 to 3 years is to make Viria a company with such an outlook for growth and profitability as to possess the preconditions for potential listing. This calls for synergies between business areas, to which end we seek to make our subsidiaries a unified whole that is more than the sum of its parts.