Our business

Viria is a strong expert in security solutions, information management, digital services and TV services. Viria's business operations are characterised by a customer-oriented and agile operating method, and comprehensive expertise regarding security technology, cyber security, analytics as well as software development.


Our ‘One Security’ approach comprises both physical and digital security. Both are needed to protect information, people and property and to safeguard the continuity of the companies’ business operations.
Viria Security Ltd is one of Finland’s largest companies in the field of security, whose service range comprises all aspects of corporate security, from locking and access control systems to cyber security.


Information is a huge asset for a company if it can be analysed, refined and, most importantly, utilised in business. We turn information into results.
Information processing and utilisation is closely related to Viria’s other operations: Security systems produce a lot of information that can be more extensively utilised, and data networks are necessary for collecting and transferring information.


Key figures 2017

87,9 M€


2,8 M€